Design Your Own House

Building a green home, a Lifestyle option.

What is custom green home building?

It’s our way of taking the guesswork out of sustainable, healthy living by managing and optimizing air, water and thermal performance. Lifestyle Homes’ custom green home building moves beyond state building codes to elevate the overall performance of a home by combining building science with our standard high quality craftsmanship. Portland is known for its wet climate, so it’s important that homes are built to withstand the region’s moisture. Lifestyle Homes offers a Green Home Building Option to empower homeowners to choose for themselves if building green is right for them.

Contact our modern home builders of Portland and we can plan your own energy efficient custom home.

Custom home building that has health and energy efficiency in mind.

Energy Efficiency, keeping cost down.

Did you know that 30% of a home’s heating bill is due to air leakage? Because Lifestyle Homes builds green custom homes designed to perform airtight, the amount of air that is wasted due to air leakage is dramatically reduced.

Each High Performance Home is designed with quality craftsmanship, advanced framing techniques, and a superior thermal insulation system. The result is an energy efficient, green built home with lower heating and cooling costs and consistent, comfortable room-to-room temperatures.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from building a green home designed for high performance; a home designed to save you money and energy.


Importance of Indoor Air quality.

Did you know that in most homes, the air inside the home comes directly from the garage? Fumes from gasoline, fertilizers, and other toxic items stored in a garage are transferred directly into a home and affect the indoor air that your family breathes. When building a green home, Lifestyle Homes takes extra measures to seal the garage-to-house common walls, ensuring that the contaminants in your garage are completely separated from your home’s living space.

If anyone in your family suffers from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory problems, you know firsthand that the quality of the air you breathe directly impacts quality of life. Lifestyle Homes uses construction techniques in our green custom homes that drastically reduce the amount of dust, dirt, pollen, carbon monoxide, and pollution that enter your home. By sealing the gaps that are typically created in the new home construction process, Lifestyle Homes reduces the amount of pollutants that could negatively impact your quality of life. The Lifestyle Homes’ green building envelope is designed to function as a total house system, ensuring that your family will continuously breathe fresh, filtered Oregon air. Choose green and breathe easier.


Keeping water and mold out of your home.

Are you concerned about mold and water intrusion in your home? Many Portland area homeowners have experienced the damaging effects of moisture and air infiltration.

Whether you’re located at the top of Mt. Scott, on Skyline Boulevard or in Clackamas County, the careful engineering, detailed construction techniques, and meticulous quality control incorporated into Lifestyle Homes’ green custom building method are designed to mitigate moisture and withstand Portland’s harshest weather conditions. Build with confidence. Build green with Lifestyle Homes, new construction homes of Portland, Oregon.


Open Web Floor Joist with plumbing and HVAC Moving the HVAC ductwork from the attic into conditioned airspace allows for a more efficient and cost effective HVAC system. The system no longer needs to compensate for attic temperatures, is able to use 10 times less heat flow and provides consistent room to room temperature throughout the home.


Air Ducts

Fresh air duct for indoor air quality. A fresh air duct and exhaust fans are installed to deliver constant fresh filtered air throughout the house and at the same time remove the stale air.


Air Infiltration

Sealing your home from air infiltration. Our air barrier and weatherization system utilizes Tyvek Drainwrap to correctly seal the floor and wall intersection from air and moisture infiltration.