Cost of Custom Building

How to estimate the cost of a custom built home in Oregon. Three Points.

Custom home building costs are obtained by evaluating the following three components:


1. The Location

Factors include the governing jurisdiction (the county or city); the lot's dimensions; and the land's topography.


2. The Home’s Design

How many square feet? Attached or detached garage(s)? Is it complicated or fairly simple? What style is the home? Will it be a one-level home or a 2-story home? Are there lots of angular walls and steep roof pitches? Or, are there design economies of scale?


3. The Specifications

These are the home's interior and exterior finishes and materials. Examples of this include flooring, cabinetry, countertops, plumbing, light fixtures, and appliances, as well as the roof, siding, windows and any masonry.


Once these parameters are defined, an experienced team like Lifestyle Homes can consult and gather current prices for the exact work involved.

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Why estimating custom home building cost by the square foot doesn't work

Square footage and custom home building Be wary of builders who give you a 'price-per-square-foot' when estimating the cost of building your home. Often, builders will not take into account the specific site requirements, your exact specifications, or the high level of communication necessary for a positive building experience.

If a builder gives you a 'price-per-square-foot', be sure to ask what you will get for that price, including the kind of communication you should expect. It might be a bare bones version that doesn't factor in your custom finishes and design choices and will ultimately cost a lot more money than they originally estimated.

Custom Home Building Costs